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Scrumptious Super Bowl Pork Sliders

Let me start by intruducing myself! My name is Kim Stock,. Myself and my husband Kelly along with our kids Kolin and Kayla own JR Meat Company. I love to cook and am so excited to share my ideas and recipes with our great customers! Of course, the recipes will include a variety of meat and seafood. Along with tips and education on different types and cuts of meat. So, stay tuned!

For our first blog I wanted to post a recipe and feature a JR Meat Co. product that is

#1 very tasty, #2 versatile and #3 economical! JR's specialty is our seasoned roasts, aka clod roast or deep pit style roast. People love it because it is prepared for you with our signature seasoning and put into a roasting bag. As a busy mom and wife I appreciate anything that is tasty and easy, and this is both! With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I thought it is a perfect time to introduce this recipe! I am featuring our seasoned pork roast but other favorites are the beef, turkey and chicken.

Simple Seasoned Roasts Cooking Instructions

IMG_0250 (1).JPG

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. When preparing the roasting bag for cooking, place the bag into a pan and simply cut 3 slits into top of bag. Cook your roast for 1 hour for each pound. ie. If your roast is 5 lbs. you will cook it for 5 hrs. When your roast is finished cooking you will cut it open with kitchen scissors and empty the roast from the bag into the roasting pan. I always pour the juice off of the roast and keep for use at a later date. Leave some of the juice in the shredded meat to keep the meat nice and moist. Shred meat as desired.

Scrumptious Super Bowl Pork Sliders


You will need:

JR Seasoned Pork Roast, shredded

2 small onions, sauteed

1 package of 12 Hawaiian rollls (or your favorite rolls)

Bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce

Sliced cheese, your favorite brand and type (I used pepper jack for a little kick!)

Butter baste for top of sliders:

1/2 stick of butter

1 tsp. mustard

1 tsp brown sugar

First off, people who read my blogs will find out I am the type of cook that kind of wings it and I dont think I have ever followed a recipe exactly. I think a person is better off making it their "own" according to their families tastes. So, with that being said I hope I don't frustrate anyone with the vagueness of my recipes.

  • Now that we have our ingredients, here is how we prepare the sliders...

  • Cut the rolls in half and place bottom portion in 9x13. Set top portion to side.

  • Place a generous amount of shredded pork on each bottom roll. Top meat with bb sauce.

  • Your next layer will be the sauteed onions.

  • Finally, depending on the size of your rolls, cut the sliced cheese in half or quarters. I like quartering it and use to pieces of cheese slightly overlapping each other. Depending on your taste, top with a little more bbq sauce then place top half of buns on top.

  • Melt the butter baste ingredients and whisk thoroughly. With a kitchen brush, brush tops of buns with the mixture. Place aluminum foil over your 9x13 and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted, then take foil off and leave in oven for another 5 minutes.


I served macadamia nut cole slaw and sweet potatoe bisque with them but this will be a perfect dish to serve for Super Bowl. Paired with a Zinfindel and you are set!


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