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Pan Seared New York Steak with Herb Butter

Last weekend was a rainy day and I just didn't feel like grilling. So, I pan seared our amazing JR Meat Co. New York steaks. I used my mom's cast iron skillet which was passed on from her mom and then passed on to me. There has been alot of amazing food cooked in that skillet and I love to continue cooking for my family with it.

New York Steak or New York Strip are usually boneless, which these are... It is from the short loin behind the ribs. It has a little fat around the edge of the steak with some fat marbling throughout. With medium fat content, New York steaks are tender and have a really good beefy flavor!

I accompanied these tasty steaks with an herb butter. The butter doesn't over power the flavor of the steak but rather enhances it.


To make the herb butter...bring a 1/2 cup or cube of butter to room temperature. Mix in your favorite herbs or what you have on hand. I would usually use fresh herbs but I only had dried on hand and they were perfect! They gave the butter a great flavor. So, I mixed in parsley, chives and fresh garlic. Save the wrapper of the butter and after you mix in the herbs well, shape back into the cube, wrap in the origiinal paper and place in freezer to harden. You can then after the butter hardens store in refrigerator.

Now for the steaks...


Season your steaks with JR seasoning or your "favorite" seasoning prior to heating your skillet. But, after you try our seasoning, I bet it will be your "favorite" too! Heat your skillet over medium to high heat. This next part goes fast so be ready with your steaks. Place three to four pats of butter in skillet and as soon as your butter starts to melt place your steaks atop of butter and begin to brown.

IMG_0531 (1).JPG

After finished browning on one side, flip over. The butter is going to brown a little and will have an amazing flavor when mixed with the meat juices.

Continue browining on the other side. Approximately 5 minutes on each side, careful not to over cook. This depends of course how you like your steak, rare, medium rare, medium, or well done. I browned for 5 minutes on each side and the steak was medium rare, just how we like it!


After the steaks are done place a pat of butter, or more, depending on your taste, and let melt on top! Oh yea, that's right, more butter on top! I served with boiled red potatoes that go really well with this butter flavored steak! I also had green beans sauteed with onions and bacon. Yep, I used JR Meat Company's bacon because it is the best!

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